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Toronto Indian Restaurants

Indian food is all about the spices. Each dish is a sophisticated blend of a variety of spices culminating into a single explosion of flavour in the mouth. Add the vegetables, meat and starch of choice and you have the makings of a fine meal served at any one of Toronto's Indian restaurants.

Toronto Indian Restaurants and Culinary Fare

With a rich culinary history, the food of India predates modern times by thousands of years. In fact, it is believed that some of the most important spices in Indian cuisine, such as turmeric and cardamom, were harvested in the subcontinent as far back as 3000BC. Traditionally, the diet of the people living in most regions of India was entirely vegetarian. However, with the influx of Islamic culture and tradition, the vegetarian diet slowly changed and meat dishes became part of traditional Indian cuisine. Today, the food served in Toronto Indian restaurants is a result of years and years of gastronomical evolution.

Little India is the most popular place to eat. Located in the downtown east end, it is home to many of Toronto's best Indian restaurants. But don't restrict yourself from going elsewhere; in a city that is 629.91 square kilometres in size (and that doesn't include the Greater Toronto Area), there are many, many other Indian restaurants. Formal or casual, buffet or not, Toronto Indian restaurants contribute to the diversity of culinary delights the city has to offer.


Restaurants in Toronto

This compendium of Toronto restaurant resources includes the finest gourmet restaurants, the best-hidden hotspots for fine cuisine, and a rough guide to the best places in Toronto to search out the city's many diverse flavors.

Articles, recipes, and other resources relating to the culinary arts are collected here, including the businesses and individuals who devote their lives to establishing Toronto as one of the foremost locations for the finest in food and dining.


Toronto Restaurants

This folder is dedicated to restaurants and food services in the Toronto GTA.

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"Nothing would be more tiresome than eating and drinking if God had not made them a pleasure as well as a necessity."



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