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Niagara Mortgage Brokers

Mortgage Intelligence is Niagara's premier mortgage broker. They make getting the right mortgage easy.

Niagara mortgage brokers can help you:

  • Buy a residence
  • Invest in a vacation home or income property
  • Consolidate your debt
  • And more

Mortgage Intelligence, offers smart mortgage solutions, and then customizes them to suit you. As part of our commitment to excellent service, we've developed a wide and exclusive range of our own imortgages, to meet a variety of needs. They have access to over 30 competing banks, trust and life insurance companies, so they are able to find and negotiate the best mortgage – and the best rate – for you. Niagara mortgage advice and assistance is free, because their Mortgage Intelligence Consultants are paid by the chosen Lending Institution for promoting and selling their products.

Mortgage Intelligence is Niagara's premier mortgage brokerage firm with over hundreds of Mortgage Intelligence Consultants and associates across Ontario and elsewhere in Canada.

Randy Winger
Mortgage Consultant

Fort Erie  905-382-4442
Welland  905-732-4442
Fonthill  905-892-7009
FAX  905-382-1714



Niagara Region

There is something about Niagara, Canada that appeals to the lover, daredevil and poet in everyone. Over the years Niagara Falls has evolved from a strategic military post to a prosperous trade centre, and finally into a world class year-round travel destination.

To many, Niagara is the awe inspiring spectacle of Niagara Falls. To some, Niagara is the aroma of ripening grapes and the taste of heavenly fresh fruit.

With over 40 world-class golf courses, over 70 award winning wineries and over 200 kilometres of spectacular cycling and hiking trails (including the base section of the Bruce Trail), the Niagara Region is home to a diverse array of attractions.


Niagara Canada

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