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Internet Marketing Toronto

You have a website. But how will you get noticed if they don't know you exist?

At Toronto Web Services, we guarantee your site and your company will get noticed not just by anyone, but by your target market. 100% guaranteed.

We provide a complete package of services tailored for your integrated internet marketing efforts, working in a timely manner and ensuring a high quality of service because we work with only a handful of clients at any one time.

One custom advertising page with Google™ ads:$1,500 / year ( you won't be charged until your search terms are returned on the first page of )

One custom advertising page without Google™ ads: $1,800 / year ( again no charge till you are on the first page of returns )

Custom folderor up to 10 pages : $8,000 / year to $12,000/year. (depending on ad and page rank variables )

As a means of communication and marketing, the web is unparalleled. But you have to be reachable. Make your Toronto internet marketing efforts pay.

See our pricing page for packages for SEO of your current website or purhase of pages/folders on this site


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Toronto SEO

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Follow the links on the right to learn more. If you're ready to move your business forward, please contact us and we'll take it from there.

web optimization search engine marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is optimising your site to perform on search engines and bring relevant targeted traffic to your site. This is done at a much lower cost of conversion than traditional online advertising.
More about Search Engine Optimization.

SEO Keyword Analysis

If you need to be found, our Keyword Analysis service will find the most searched for phrases and words related to the topic of your site and apply them. So the next time someone does a search for the product or service you offer, they'll find you. And in conjunction with other internet marketing efforts, your site will appear in the top ten results so your customer doesn't have to waste their valuable time searching for you.
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Professional Web Writing

Often, writing for your site can be a demanding task. Toronto Web Services provides Professional Web Writing that includes key terms and phrases to maximize the exposure and traffic to your site.
More about Professional Web Writing.

Syndicated Press Release

Reach a broader audience through the national and international media. We'll send out syndicated press releases on your behalf to televised and printed media journalists to get people talking about your site and product.
More about Syndicated Press Release Services

Online Advertising

Our Online Advertising service increases the exposure of your site. Whether it be us working with designers to create an ad, or you simply giving us the ad, we'll put it up on sites targeting your preferred customer base. We also provide ad space on this site, guaranteeing not only faster results, but also protection against click fraud, as ads placed on our pages are not PPC (pay per click).
More about Online Advertising Toronto.

Strategic Link Marketing

If everybody's pointing at somebody in a room, you'll probably want to look at who they're pointing at. On the web, this is called Strategic Link Marketing. We'll find appropriate sites and form links to point to your site, boosting your ranking.
More about Strategic Internet Link Marketing.

HTML Email Marketing

Email has become the most popoular choice of communication between business and your customers..

Build your database or work with your existing database with Email Marketing by Toronto Web Services, to keep the visitors to your site and your customers in the loop.
More about HTML Email Marketing Toronto.

Website Reporting Services Toronto

On a regular basis, your site should be analysed for its performance.
More about Website Reporting Services.







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