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Estate Planning and Custody Services

UBS publishes research reports on a variety of subjects of interest to wealth management clients. From our annual Outlook to topical subjects (Crisis: What it Taught Us An Investment Framework for the Future" and other available documents), UBS global research capabilities are highly sought after by clients, experts and the media.

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While it's never pleasant to think about, death is a necessary part of life. That's why it's so important to look after your loved ones with proper estate planning.

The will (or testament) is the most basic of estate planning documents. The will outlines who you are, your rights to property, a description of that property, and who you would like to inherit it. In Canada, a will can be created by anyone over the age of 18, with or without aid from an attorney.

Estate planning begins with a will

More detailed estate planning in Canada may require the aid of an estate planner. An estate planner will ensure that funds are provided to the clients depends upon his or her death, as well as ensure that the clients' personal assets are conserved in order to be properly conferred on the heirs. An estate planner establishes a will, may name power of attorney, will establish trusts and in some cases, will intermediate pre-death gifts.

In Canada, UBS is a leader in estate planning. Long established internationally, UBS has recently set up offices in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and Calgary. UBS estate planners work with a small number of clients to provide the attention required to properly plan the custody of your estate. Further, their estate planners are not paid commission, so you can be sure of no conflict of interest.

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Imagine a global financial firm with the heart and soul of a two-person organization. A world-leading wealth management company that sits down with you to understand your needs and goals. An award winning global investment bank and premier global asset management business dedicated to giving you the most personal attention at every level. You and us. Think of it as the most powerful two-person financial firm in the world.

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UBS Canada. Offices in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary and Canada

UBS is a leading wealth and money managment resource in Canada. Allow a comission-free client advisor to help you achieve your personal financial goals.

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UBS is the world's largest wealth manager, a top tier investment banking and securities firm, and a key global asset manager. UBS is present in all major financial centers worldwide, with offices in 50 countries. UBS employs more than 69,500 people, 39% in Canada and the United States, 37% in Switzerland, 16% in the rest of Europe and 8% in the Asia Pacific time zone.





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