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Toronto Clowns

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When searching for the perfect addition to your party or gathering in Toronto, go no further than A&A Entertainment. Specialising in clowns, impersonators, and other skilled performers, A&A Entertainment will custom tailor their services to the specific needs of your gathering, and ensure your party is one to remember. Contact us at our website today!

in Toronto, who doesn't know what clowns are? At a carnival, party, festival or even traditional rite of passage, clowns have been the primary source of entertainment for centuries. Each society and culture around the world has its own form of clown, appealing to the unique sensibilities of its people - not just the kiddies. They may be considered “childish”, but they do appeal to adults as well, representing youthfulness and innocence.


Typical Traits and Behaviour

We recognize clowns in Toronto by the garish makeup on their face. Whether with or without white paint smeared all over their face, their lips and/or eyes tend to be thickly outlined. Toronto clowns tend to wear outrageous outfits, or clothing that has exaggerated features, such as enormous buttons. From head to toe, their appearance defies the norm of what is socially acceptable. Each clown has their own sense of identity and their individuality is reflected by their face and clothing, as well as their behaviour. Often laughed at, they don't mind being ridiculed and belittled by their audience; in fact, that's their job as an artist and performer.

Most Toronto clowns interact with their audience, relying on the performance of tricks and physical stunts as part of their act. They may create balloon animals, play music, perform astounding stunts or act out a gag.

Did you know that there are three distinct types of clowns in Toronto? They are the Whiteface Clown, Auguste Clown, and Character Clown.There may even be more, but these three tend to be widely accepted.


Toronto Entertainment

Toronto's music and entertainment scene is world-class, with hundreds of fantastic venues, theatres, and concert halls ready to entertain even the most eclectic of tastes. From the vibrant Entertainment District to the boutique theatres of the various artistic neighborhoods, Toronto can cater to any entertainment desire.

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Main Entry: entertain
Function: verb

:: to hold the attention of pleasantly or agreeably; divert; amuse.


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