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The Lummessence crystal lighting stage

Crystal Miniatures Custom Lighting and Display Cases

Crystal Display

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The Lummessence crystal lighting stage is a unique display. Consisting of an elegant tropical hardwood frame, prismatic one-way lens top surface and state of the art LED lighting modules which in combination allow the user to arrange and illuminate their treasured crystal objects.

With Lummessence you are in control. Choose a smaller stage (7”x7”) for individual sculptures or specify a larger size for collections or highlighted principal pieces. Plan out where your personal favorites fit and arrange the individual lighting modules in the appropriate positions. Decide on what colors accent and present the most appealing and distinctive highlights to each of your pieces. Choose from a single LED(22,000 mcd) for smaller sculptures or place multiple LED modules (1, 3 and 5 LED modules are standard) under larger pieces. Capture the refractive splendor and explore the opportunities that “under-lighting” allows in enhancing the internal reflection.

The micro-processor controlled system even allows for light choreography to enhance the mood and ambiance that you enjoy for personal appreciation or entertaining. Nine different programs are standard varying the light intensity in smooth 1 to 2 minute sequences. Operating on low voltage (5v) the unit is safe and produces only the same heat as a single night light bulb – up to 10 watts – but the light output at full power is a stunning 800,000 mcd (millicandela).


Placement and Use

Your lummessence Stage has several modes of operation.

At the front left of the stage you will see a brass embossment which acts as the switch for turning the stage on and increasing the light level generated. This switch is touch sensitive and does not require any pressure.

Miniature Crystal Displays

  • One touch turns the stage to the Low light level
  • Two touches brings the stage to Medium
  • Three gives the Maximum light level
  • Four turns the stage off

The Lumessence Crystal Stage automatically turns itself off after 3 hours of operation. If desired it can be restarted immediately.

At the front left of the stage the matching brass embossment allows different choreography of the light levels.

One touch will raise and lower the light levels across the stage from right to left in a Wave configuration. A full cycle takes approximately one minute.

Two touches will cause all of the light Levels go from high to low evenly over a 1 minute period.

Three touches will Cycle the lights from maximum to off in 30 seconds and then repeat.

Four touches will turn the choreography feature off. Alternatively you can turn the Crystal Stage off and then on.

Direct sunlight will not harm the electrical components of the Stage but may cause fading of the wood frame.

Your Lumessence Tableau will provide years of pleasure and significantly enhance the beauty of your crystal sculptures.


Never immerse the Stage in water and avoid placement that may allow spillage onto the unit. This may cause damage to the electrical components. Such damage is not covered by your warranty. Dust may be removed with a soft cloth which may be slightly moist. If required tiles may be removed for cleaning.

Your Lumessence Crystal Stage is fully covered for defects in material and workmanship for two years from the date of purchase. Batteries are not covered under the warranty. Should you encounter a defect please send the unit postage paid to

Electro Guard Corporation


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