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Downtown Toronto Real Estate is thrusting forward. An important segment of buyers have decided to stay away from the suburbs. This reversed city exodus is a good indicator of the overall downtown Toronto healthy economy. Basically, the trend indicates that many suburban homeowners as well as first-time home buyers want to avoid lengthy daily commutes, especially since the continuous drastic increase in fuel prices.

Toronto Condos actually lead in Sales: Simply look up "Toronto Condos for Sale" on the internet (Google, Yahoo etc.) or in your local newspaper and you will find quite a selection of condo–type dwellings to choose from, depending on your budget. According to the Toronto Real Estate Board as of February 2008, single family residential sales in Toronto are as follows: 11.4% Detached Condos, 8.0% Co-op Apartments, 23.5% Condo Apartments and 8.0% Condo Townhouses, which combined, represent 50.9% of the total market. The rest is divided between Single Detached and Semi Detached Homes, Link Houses and Attached Row Houses.

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In Toronto, “Condo for sale” signs are everywhere. Why?

Official real estate figures show that not only are Condo sales prevalent overall but that condo promoters and condo builders in Toronto can barely keep up with the demand in sales. It is not rare to spot lineups at Condo Sales Offices throughout the GTA and mainly in the core locations close to the trendy downtown business, entertainment and shopping areas, which enjoy a welcoming neighborhood-oriented facelift. However this shift in Toronto Real Estate Sales seems to go beyond simple economics and reflects a new urban lifestyle and a need for practical community living.



Condo Sales have tanked in most major International Housing Markets

Toronto’s housing market hasn’t tanked like London’s or New York’s. Just take a look at who’s buying. “First-time buyers are still leading the charge, taking advantage of every resource available to achieve home ownership. They’re determined to get into the market sooner rather than later. If suburban locations, smaller condominiums and town homes, or a little sweat equity is what it takes to get into the market, these purchasers are game.” “Doom and gloom reports coming from south of the border have yet to hinder overall momentum,” says Michael Polzler, Executive Vice President and Regional Director, RE/MAX Ontario-Atlantic Canada. Inventory levels, however, remain one of the foremost concerns facing purchasers.

Watching the global real estate market from Toronto these days can really put a smile on the face of your real estate dollar, which has successfully weathered the storm. As the sub-prime meltdown spreads from city to city like wildfire, expensive condos from London to New York now sit on the market for months at a time. The Toronto Condo market is doing better every day and has actually assumed a role of economic stability and envy.

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According to many respected real estate experts and objective observers of the North American markets, Toronto assumes the mantle of condo capital of North America. Even if Supply and Demand meet at a price range between 300 000$-400 000$, for the properties most sold, the typical Toronto Condo Buyer is still quite privileged, limited mostly by Condo Sales Supply.

CONCLUSION: Toronto, Ontario, Canada is presently recognized as the only major English-speaking city in our hemisphere to have plowed right through the 2007-2008 crisis without so much as a blip! If you find the Toronto Condo of your dreams…seize the opportunity because the Real Estate Market may not wait for you much longer!





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